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Seamless Utility & Sustainable Hygiene

Introducing the Balance Between 

A Cutting-Edge Technology for POS Systems Sanitization in Retail Locations 


Sustainability is the new standard for effectiveness.

CREDI-Clean is a reliable and highly effective sanitization system that offers a compact, dynamic, and sustainable solution for maintaining complete hygiene in fast-paced retail payment areas. It operates effortlessly, requiring no manual input.

CREDI-Clean is a UV-C LED solution designed to enhance sanitization efficacy by focusing the germ-killing power of UV-C onto targeted surfaces, while nullifying exposure to skin and eyes and reducing wasted energy. This results in the successful inactivation of infectious pathogens constantly after each and every transaction!

Higher Efficacy in Decreasing Surface Bio-Burden

CREDI-Clean achieves 99.9% efficacy in inactivating infectious pathogens, which is significantly higher than chemical agents and traditional mercury vapor UV lamps. It also requires less energy and time to do so, using three times less energy and taking six times less time to kill viruses compared to mercury vapor UV lamps. This makes CREDI-Clean a highly effective and environmentally sustainable solution for indoor sanitization, with a longer lifespan and no hidden maintenance costs.

More Sustainable when Compared with Other Alternatives

CREDI-Clean offers a viable alternative to traditional mercury lamps, which contribute to widespread mercury pollution, and chemical agents, which result in significant plastic waste. Despite retaining higher efficacy compared to these methods, CREDI-Clean is a mercury-free, non-chemical, energy-efficient, and ozone-free solution. By focusing its intense power on a limited surface area, CREDI-Clean achieves maximum effectiveness while prioritizing sustainability.

Higher Safety in Alignment with Updated WHO Standards

CREDI-Clean was created to address the risks associated with the use of chemical and biological agents for surface disinfection, which have been linked to a range of health issues including respiratory and neurological diseases, asthma, allergies, and even lung cancer. This innovative solution incorporates a unique approach that minimizes exposure to UV-C light by carefully controlling the proximity of the disinfectant energy source and the angle of incidence on the surface, thereby protecting skin and eyes.

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CREDI-Clean helps your retailing business establish unprecedented efficacy in sanitization while never compromising on sustainability.

Whats New at Sal Systems

CREDI-Clean is a compact and dynamic UV-C LED system that is seamlessly integrated into card payment systems. Utilizing the natural germ-killing energy of the Sun, CREDI-Clean operates automatically to deliver intense energy to a limited surface area between human interactions, providing complete sterilization without any risk of exposure.


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Setting the Standards for UV-C LED Safety

CREDI-Clean is the first UV-C LED Device approved by the IEC Photobiological Safety Test without the need for trained staff or a physical barrier.

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