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Advanced Technology for Sustainable Hygiene

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Alternative, Efficient, Sustainable Solutions for Corporations and Scaled Retail


Unlocking Access to the Future

We work with our partners to shape a more sustainable future by combining our expertise in UV-C LED technology and science, providing easy access to sustainability and efficiency solutions.

A Balanced Ecosystem

We deliver fully automated tools with greater efficiency in performance and more energy saving in operability that is estimated at around 90% when compared with other sanitization options, which makes our solutions the go-to option when it comes to large-scale sustainability.

Global Sustainability

The components constituting our solutions produce minimal carbon footprint in manufacturing based on innovative engineering methods that make our solutions easily integrated into different systems while maintaining reduced waste and no necessity for special treatment in recycling.

Effectiveness & Innovation

Safety, effectiveness, and innovation are key to advancing our aspiration as we constantly update, upgrade, and continuously develop our solutions to meet the global standards of quality testing, making our sustainable devices even more effective than non-environmentally friendly alternatives .

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Less Energy Consumption versus Other Sustainable Solutions


Automation Leading to Reduced Human Labor for Sanitization Operations


Recyclable Components Constituting our
Sustainable Solutions


Chemical Waste with No Special Considerations Needed for Application


Less CO2 Emissions in Production versus Other Alternatives


Safety Thanks to the Innovative Anchored Light System Methodology

Anchored Lighting System

Leading the future of Sustainable Hygiene

Our Anchored Lighting System (ALS) forms the foundation of our scientific approach. It is designed to concentrate light energy on high-risk areas, such as surfaces frequently touched by hundreds of individuals each day, with the goal of inactivating harmful microorganisms and pathogens. This makes it more effective than dispersed energy techniques, such as  "deep cleaning" methods or mercury vapor sources.

Would you like to learn more about the technology behind our UV-C LED solutions?

Break the Cycle

Our planet is not the same anymore

In the past 40 years, paper towel consumption has increased by 400%. This leads to the generation of 695,000 tons of paper towel waste each day, mostly used for cleaning surfaces with chemical disinfectants. This is equivalent to cutting down 51,000 trees per day (North America alone) just for paper towels! Chemical disinfectants also pose a risk due to their high toxicity and indiscriminate killing of viruses and other organisms. Our solutions break this cycle by providing a fully automated, non-toxic, and chemical-free alternative, utilizing cutting-edge UV-C LED technology that has been tested in a many top global laboratories

Chemical Disinfectants

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Mercury-Containing Alternatives

Manual Sanitization

Efficacy Depends on Labor

High consumables Cost

Elevated Overall Cost

Heavy Damage to Electronics

Corrosion & Damage to touch screens and payment devices

Fully Automated Process

No Human Interaction Required

Zero Maintenance

Economic Solution

Highest Effectiveness

Our solutions are highly effective against all types of pathogens and deliver maximum results through efficient conversion of energy.

Manual process

Requires areas to be evacuated

High Maintenance Cost

Less Economic

Moderate Effectiveness

wasted energy on cleaning all areas, even infrequently touched surfaces

High Damage to Surface

Toxic Materials Cause Corrosion

Robust long life span

All of our devices are designed to have an end of life of 8 years and are built to adapt to advancements in electronics technology over time in the retail industry.

High Risk

May only be used outside trading hours with trained staff

High Frequency

Able to effectively sanitise a high risk touch point after each interaction, even up to 1000 cycles per day


High Waste Generation

Moderate Damage to Surface

Creates Long-Term Complications

Aerosol & Harmful Gases

High Damage to the Environment


More Toxic = Quicker

High Energy Consumption

Energy in Manufacturing

Zero Surface Damage

The Anchored Light System


95% Biodegradable

Zero Harmful Gases

No Ozone, No Aerosol, No CO2

Instant Cleaning

Zero Warm-Up Time

Low Energy Consumption

Requiring Special Treatment

Mercury is a Toxic Component

Ozone and CO2 Emissions

High damage to the Environment

15-Minute Warm-Up

Necessary for Energy Channeling

High Energy Consumption

Dispersed Energy

Intensively Focused Energy, targetting small high contact zones only

Strategic global Laboratory partners


Industry News

At SAL Systems, we strive to enhance quality of life by aligning scientific advancements with sustainable and environmentally conscious solutions. Our goal is to bridge the gap between community aspirations and the innovative capabilities of modern technology.

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