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Embracing the Future of

Versatility in UV-C LED Sanitatization

Introducing an Innovative Solution for Countertop Sanitization Integration

The Ultimate Countertop Sanitization Solution

SNAP-Clean is a cutting-edge, magnetized UV-C LED sanitization device that's specifically designed to sanitize high-contact areas. This innovative device operates in full automation and requires minimal energy, making it a highly effective and safe solution for sterilizing your countertops.

Sustainability & Efficacy

SNAP-Clean utilizes a photocatalytic reaction activated by short and intensified UV-C LED wavelengths to deliver unparalleled sterilization results. This energy-efficient technology significantly reduces the microbial load, making it not just a highly effective solution, but also environmentally responsible with reduced energy consumption.

Breath Easy with Snap-Clean

People spend nearly 90% of their lives inside indoor spaces, and exposure to chemicals, biologics, and mercury can lead to serious respiratory diseases and allergies. With SNAP-Clean, you can sanitize your surroundings effectively without sacrificing indoor air quality. Enjoy maximum cleanliness and peace of mind with SNAP-Clean.

Leading the Way with Safety, Effectiveness, and Innovation

With SNAP-Clean, our goal is to be at the forefront of sanitization solutions. Our commitment to safety, effectiveness, and innovation is evident in our continuous efforts to upgrade and develop our devices to meet the highest global standards of quality testing. Our sustainable solutions not only protect the environment but are also more effective than traditional, non-eco-friendly alternatives.

Maximum Efficiency

SNAP-Clean is the epitome of versatility when it comes to sanitization solutions. With the ability to transform 90% of electricity into UV-C rays, this device reaches maximum power quickly, without any warm-up time. That means you get maximum efficiency from the start of each sanitization cycle, making SNAP-Clean the best choice for your sanitization needs.

How it Works

SNAP-Clean is designed to integrate seamlessly into your life. Its compact design and magnetized base make it easy to attach to any countertop or Perspex divider, while its unique UV-C LED technology delivers effective and eco-friendly sterilization. The device detects the height and time aspect ratio automatically, ensuring that every surface is thoroughly sanitized. Experience the convenience of SNAP-Clean.

  • Is UV-C radiation harmful to people and animals?
    SAL Systems brings you safe and smart lighting solutions. Our non-mercury based LED lighting system is concentrated in specific areas of interaction, so surfaces and objects outside the marked area are not exposed to the light. Our advanced laser Lidar sensors detect human presence in a millisecond and automatically shut down the diodes, preventing any potential eye irritation or skin harm that may occur from prolonged exposure to powerful UV radiation. Experience the peace of mind that comes with using safe and smart lighting technology.
  • How do you make Credi-Clean safe?
    The anchored installation method Developed by SAL Systems allows for smaller light sources and reduces radiation exposure, ensuring the safety of those nearby. The lights are focused on the exact areas where disinfection is needed, providing precise control and avoiding any "spill" onto surrounding areas. The motion sensors switch off the UV-C light when motion is detected, and will automatically power down if no motion is detected for approximately 3 minutes, only powering on when a valid movement trigger is detected. Trust SAL Systems for efficient and safe disinfection.
  • Why a device for a credit card terminal? what about the rest of the building?
    Research shows a busy cashier could transact with around 300- 500 clients per shift, in certain cases up to 1000 per day! Taking into account that Viruses have been reported to survive on certain surfaces for up to 72 hours, it is vitally important that these high contact surfaces are continually cleaned. By automating the cleaning system, the risk is decreased. Other larger areas only have very few interactions per day, thus less risk.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has stabilized. Will all these installations be necessary?
    UVC is not new technology and has been used in food processing, water filtration, and hospitals for decades. UVC light has the ability to destroy the genetic material inside viruses and other microbes. These installations will help us continually prevent contact transmission of viruses and bacteria via credit card terminals.
  • Will any Credit card machine work?
    99 % of all produced and current credit card terminals will fit into the standard housing. For peculiar designs, we will happily do a modification
  • Where is Credi-Clean made?
    Credi-Clean Has been designed, patented, and manufactured in South Africa. There are various licensees globally that in some instances do part manufacture or assembly in order to create local employment while reducing the impact on the environment caused by additional freightage
  • How long will it take for delivery?
    We provide an OEM service and units can be branded and engraved with the client's colours and logos. in Most Cases product is held in stock.
  • Is distributorship available?
    Yes. We are currently looking for distributors and Licensees in many territories. Feel free to contact us to discuss your territory.

SNAP-Clean helps your business maintain the highest standards of indoor hygiene while never compromising on sustainability.

SNAP-Clean focuses energy only on the marked area, which means that skin that is not directly inside the “red area” receives absolutely ZERO radiation, and once sanitization is complete and the surface is marked in green, radiations are instantly reduced to ZERO, which makes SNAP-Clean the safest countertop sanitization device.


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