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Hello CREDi-clean goodbye slippery sanitizers!

Introducing CREDi-clean, the worlds first ever self #sanitizing device used to rid credit card terminals from #COVID19.

Everyone's been talking about the "new normal", well this is definitely a game changer. Once these unites are installed businesses will be able to guarantee safety with any and all user interactions.

The brains behind CREDi-clean is founder and CEO of Sal-Systems, Jonathan O’Connell, former owner of Timeslice Cinematography.

We identified an issue with current COVID 19 safety measures and jumped at the opportunity. Not only does it open up a whole new world of opportunities for us but Businesses will be able to open their doors and operate safely and effectively.”

-Jonathan O’Connell

Finally the fight against #COVID19 just got a whole lot easier.

I am sure some of you are familiar with the age old method of using #UVC lights in water filtration systems, hospital rooms and other facilities as a means to rid areas or surfaces of any virus.

However, here is what makes CREDi-clean the face of innovation. It is quite simple when you understand the way light operates. CREDi-clean is designed to utilize the light in such a way that smaller and less light is required. This way only “high risk” areas are targeted.

This means less cost!

The future is looking bright for all stakeholders and clients.

CREDi-clean will be knocking on your door very soon.

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